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Do You Suffer From

  • Unattractive Skin Conditions
  • Digestive Disturbances
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Irritable Mood
  • Aches and Pains
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Weight Gain?


Why Should I Get A Hair Test?

Finding out your individual food intolerances will unlock the secrets to a healthier and happier you!
Stop guessing and let us identify the influence (either good or bad) that a wide range of foods and household items have on YOUR body. What you are eating every day could be the driver to your problems. 

What Can My Hair Test Detect?

The Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis (also known as a food intolerance test and food sensitivity test) the easiest, fastest and most successful way to change your health.
Food sensitivities cause the immune system to become overactive and produce excessive amounts of inflammatory mediators.


No lab visits, no hassles. Just send us a small lock of your hair and we do the rest.


Hundreds of Australia’s Natural Health Patients rely on our comprehensive tests.


Ours tests are reasonably priced so it’s affordable for the whole family.


No needles, probes or blood tests. Our tests are suitable for everyone including kids and babies.


Get your free state of health graph and see what story your symptoms are telling.

As humans, we learn to adapt to the world around us – and the symptoms that our body is giving us. These symptoms – whether it be fatigue, skin problems, weight gain, bloating – are all telling us a story, but we rarely stop to check in, tune in and listen to it. By filling out some simple questions, we can get an idea of where your health is currently sitting in relation to our six major systems. Take a moment and piece together the story your body is telling…

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Application: Bio-Compatible Hair Testing

One test is all you need to create a change

The Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis is the easiest, fastest and most successful way to change your health.

The Bio-Compatibility Hair Test (also known as a food intolerance test and food sensitivity test) is a simple a non-invasive test, requiring only a small sample of hair off the ends. This Australian Bio-Compatibility Test accurately measures over 500 different foods, beverages, nutritional supplements and personal hygiene products to determine which ones are not compatible with your body, and may be contributing to your underlying health issues.

The Bio-Compatibility System is the result of over thirty years of research and development by qualified Naturopaths in Australia.

This is a Naturopathic Wellness program which is now used in more than 20 countries


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About Chelsey Jean

Hi Im Chelsey Jean, Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Free Thinker and creator of Advanced Natural Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label. I am a real person with real experiences just like you. I have helped hundreds of people with their health for over 22 years, developing my own successful protocol, taking the best from science and weaving it with natural therapies. This hair test is the ultimate starting point for anyone wanting to improve every function of their body

My Mission Statement: “To empower people to take a front row seat in their life and teach them to create a flow that enlightens their spirit and energises their soul”

Let Me Show You How Your Hair Can Unlock The Secrets To A Healthier and Happier You!

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Why is Hair Testing So Important To Your Health?

It is said that our foods today are so altered by soil degradation, fertiliser, irradiation, genetic modification, and importation that many people are turning to organic and gluten-free foods in an attempt to reduce the ‘reactive effects’ they are experiencing. This may work for some, but not for others — simply because whether it’s organic or not, certain foods are just not compatible with the metabolisms of certain individuals. We call these ‘bio-incompatible’ foods/products.

There are also many eating plans (like the blood type diet), which are very good for a lot of people, but do nothing for others. This is because they do not factor ‘Bio-Compatibility’ into the equation.

It all boils down to finding the answer to that single, simple question: “Is this particular type of food (in it’s present form) any good for my unique body?”

1. What does the test involve?

A small hair or saliva sample is taken from the patient and sent, with the symptoms checklist, to our testing centre for analysing against 600 items. An individual report is generated that shows the foods/products that are bio-incompatible with the patient (resulting in discomfort and disease) and those that are biocompatible (promoting health and wellbeing).

2. What will be tested?

Our standard test list consists of over 600 LOCAL foods and household products (we can test in most countries, having many clients in Europe, New Zealand and America) — including all food groups, and bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products.
This includes common local brands (specific to each country in which the test is conducted) found in supermarkets and health food stores. The test covers both raw and cooked food — each item is tested in the way it is usually consumed. We also have two more speciality lists — one for testing babies (we have had a lot of success helping mums and babies with troublesome rashes etc) and another for pets

Click here to view list Standard List (1)-ilovepdf-compressed


3. Is it safe?

The test is completely non-invasive and painless. It involves only the collection of a hair (from any part of the body) or a saliva sample — no needles or blood samples — and has no harmful side effects. It does not matter if your hair is coloured, grey or dirty!.

4. How are the results presented?

A comprehensive 17-page report is generated after each test and emailed to you straight away, normally within 7 days. We strongly suggest you make your included 30min hair test consultation as soon as possible as we want you to get the best results possible.
Note: The hair test can just be a stand alone procedure. You will get great results following the test. As per everything in life though, having a professional coach will get you outstanding results. We do offer a six-month program (including six to twelve follow-up consultations) depending on your needs, this can be discussed with us at any time. The results, however, are so profound, and the program so easy to stick to, that our clients have a very high level of compliance.

5. What will the results indicate?

The report lists those foods and products which the individual CAN eat and those which he/she should AVOID.
The basis for the programme is simple — feed the body correctly with biocompatible foods and the immune system is freed up to deal with any problems more effectively. This means each symptom is dealt with in a way that works best for your patient’s body.
Note: This is NOT a generic program: each person is unique and will have a different set of responses, which will result in a different set of symptoms and a different programme to follow.

6. The test is expensive!

Let’s compare tests

Doctors have access to IGE testing which is allergy testing that will generally pick up dust and grass concerns.

As Naturopaths, we have access to IGG testing done through the blood which is 93 items at $387

Our Biocompatibility Hair Test is 600 items priced at $315

Every Naturopathic patient at Advanced Natural Health and other leading clinics across Australia starts with the hair test. We are all about getting great results fast

7. Why does coffee comes up RED?

Well, wouldn’t you love to know if something you have every day is driving your ill health? This is a 6-month elimination program. You will need to commit to removing all of the RED items for 6 months. We can then retest at this point to see what items you have healed from and can then add back into your diet. Remember this is about what you can have. A massive list of foods that are safe for you, to bring your body alive!

8. How much hair do you take?

Only half a matchstick length and width, not noticeable at all!

9. What things come up the most?

We see a lot of Pineapple, Strawberries, Chicken, White Bread, Onion, White Wine, Cola, Milk, Egg come up in RED on many test results. The great thing about this test is that we will give you many alternatives and figure out a meal plan when you have your 30 minute consultation with us. Holding your hand through the process is included!

What people are saying ……………….

Absolutely fabulous! feeling so much better after following my hair test. Bloating gone, KG’s gone, energy up. Thanks, Chelsey for your inspiration. Loving how much I have learnt in such a small space of time and I look forward to my monthly appointments. I had an enjoyable Christmas and did not even put on a kilo! My hormones are now under control and no surgery is now required!🤩

Roslyn Marie Joy Regan

Have loved working with Chelsey on my journey to good health. I’ve been resistant to making lifelong changes with my diet but since meeting Chelsey and having the hair test I can actually feel the difference food makes. Chelsey has taught me to listen to my body and what it does and doesn’t agree with. Loving the supplements I can’t live without them. Chelsey walks the walk and talks the talk and is so dedicated. She is supportive, knowledgeable, passionate and caring. I love how excited Chelsey gets when her clients make progress. I’m proud to be a member of the Inflow Club thanks for your continued support, Chelsey!

Donna Grills

I Highly recommend and I would give 10 stars if I could. My life is in the progress of changing for the best. I’m on the way to better health and a well-needed change of lifestyle. Thanks, Chels, you keeping on my case is 100% what I need in my life right now. I can’t thank you enough. I have lost the 10kg that I needed to lose and now focusing on strengthening my body

Sam Hunter

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