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Hi, I’m Chelsey, Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Free Thinker and creator of the Advanced Natural Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label.

I am a real person with real experiences just like you.

My Story

Hi I’m Chelsey Jean, Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Free Thinker and creator of the Advanced Natural Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label. I am a real person with real experiences just like you.

Welcome to my Biocompatibility Site, I hope I can share some health and wellness advice that may save you and your loved ones being in the hell of forever searching for answers to feeling better, being in pain both physically and mentally and generally feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and not where you want to be…… at all!

I see clients of all ages and styles who want to improve their health, they may have specific problems such as lymphatic disorders, chronic fatigue or general gut issues. They may want to lose weight, feel better, correct their hormonal imbalances or just take back their health to how it used to be.

Some people have acute illnesses such as flu, sinusitis, glandular fever or the more chronic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid imbalances, chronic IBS, cancer, reflux, skin inflammation and heart conditions to name a few and need a different approach to what their doctors have offered. Others have good health but are training hard to better themselves and mediocre is not ok anymore.

I see many women, especially mums, of all shapes and sizes, professional sportsmen and women, athletes, other health professionals, couples and whole families.

Most new clients come to my clinic through personal recommendation from a friend or family member who wanted a different approach to health and knows that they need an individual plan, as they have tried everything else.

My biocompatibility testing is essential to better health. Not only have I personally seen 100’s of lives improved with the “disappearing of symptoms”, but the thing that I love best is also the new relationship that you create with yourself.

You get on the same page, with you. Is there anything better? You become aligned with what foods and household items (we test against approximately 600 items) work and don’t work for you and you have all of the answers within one week. Symptoms start to improve within two.

You have the choice to just send me some hair and then follow the results or you can work with us over a longer period with our membership options, to achieve your dreams and to following through, to have a coach to be accountable to and to make permanent changes now.



My Approach

I love sharing my teachings and get a kick out of watching my clients grow to achieve fulfillment in all areas of their life. Even with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, I am still learning every day and love passing this information on to my clients in a way that they can understand and relate to.

My approach is all about connection. Rebuilding the relationship with your body so you know exactly what it needs to heal and function at its best.

Perhaps you are reading this because you have tried “everything” else and your health is still slowly slipping away. You feel trapped and ready to give up. It could be not knowing what to eat and feeling frustrated. Continuously overeating, craving sugars or are you just silent boredom eating, as you don’t feel love from any other part of your life. It could be a state of health, like your weight or a health challenge you are currently dealing with.

Ask yourself with regard to this issue:

If this concern were here to get my attention, shouting at me as a call to make some deeper changes instead of just be my “nemesis” and cause me pain or struggle, what is it getting my attention for?

What is the underlying factor and emotion behind this?

(Or another way to phrase this):

If the problem itself is just a flashlight shining it’s light on something else, what is that thing the light is shining on?

I love getting to the underlying factor and my program does just that. We look at things you probably have heard about before but don’t really understand. Your lymphatic system health, candida overgrowth, EBV and of course we start with our BioCompatibility Testing.

Many of my clients say things like,
“What have you done to my brain?”
“I don’t feel like drinking alcohol anymore”
“You have shrunk me”
“Ive never felt this good before”
“I can now go out without always having to find a toilet 15 mins after I eat”
“I never though I would wear bikinis again”
“My daughters tummy is not sore anymore”
“I cant believe how this has worked so fast”

So lets uncover what is going on with you and get some well deserved answers.

Beware, it is life changing

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