The Bio-Compatibility Hair Test

One test is all you need to create a change

Do you suffer from..

…skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or rashes?

and frustrated as hell as nothing else has worked for you including all of the creams under the sun. Did you know that your skin is a reflection on what is going on in your gut? So if we improve your INSIDES it will show on the OUT!

…digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel or constipation?

You do not have to suffer with these symptoms! Just the anxiety alone of having to be close to a toilet 15 mins after you eat, or the toxic frustration of not pooing for days.

…inflammation and weight gain leading to pain, fatigue and negativity?

What works for your friends and family doesn’t work for you? You may have put on weight after having children, stressed out and now hit menopause and now feel uncomfortable and horrible at the same time! Takes a lot to stay positive when you are living on adrenaline, sore and crazy hormonal!

…chronic health conditions that cannot be ignored any longer?

Are you seriously considering giving entirely before you even get started? Most ill health begins with inflammation, excess acids and a body that struggles to keep up with the onslaught of toxic material it faces every day.

The Bio-Compatibility Hair Test

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

A lot of people today claim they suffer from many different reactions to foods and household products. Some seem to cause pain and discomfort while others seem to aggravate existing symptoms.

The Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis is the easiest, fastest and most successful way to change your health.

Things You WON'T Have To Do After Your HAIR TEST


Worry about what to eat, your list has over 400 choices of foods, broken down into individual brands


Waste Money on continued trial and error, only guessing what works best for you.


Brush your teeth with Colgate Toothpaste, that’s right, Colgate comes up as RED (avoid) in approx. 99% of the results!


Pull your hair out trying to figure out what is causing all of your problems!


Contemplate shooting yourself trying to find fancy foods that you can’t even pronounce let alone stand the taste of…….


Run to the toilet every 15 minutes after you eat, bloated and in pain, hoping that there is toilet paper…..


Understand any of it if you don’t want to! Just follow your results and don’t worry about why just enjoy the great feelings of better health.


Buy the next size up in clothes, EVER!

Things You WILL Do Following Your HAIR TEST


Go through a detox phrase, just like giving up sugar and coffee, the same thing can happen when you stop eating incompatible foods


Reshape your body by letting go of all the unwanted fluid and toxic fat.


Want to exercise with an abundance of energy and a shiny new metabolism


Feel connected to your body like never before, knowing what works for it and avoiding what doesn’t


Reduce aches and pains and set yourself up for a vast improvement in your overall health


Allow your body to repair from all of the damage from bad past food choices


Have people asking you “what have you done” and saying “you look amazing”!


Love your new found hormonal balance and calmness, now knowing you are in control and have the power to heal yourself. 


Radiate, Shine and Glow like you probably haven’t done in a very long time!

Using hair samples, Bio-Compatibility testing identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of a wide range of foods and products has on the delivery and storage systems in each cell. In this way, we are then able to determine which foods and products should be avoided and which should be consumed/used.

The Bio-Compatibility System complements and integrates easily with any other therapy or medication by simply removing foods and household items that are testing negative for your particular body.
The test is super easy
It involves cutting a small half a match stick length and width of hair off the ends, putting it into a marked sealed bag, filling out the application form with your symptom list and payment details and sending that to me, you can also purchase straight off this website from the shop, or call me for payment over the phone.

The results are then emailed to you within 14 days (normally 7), and we will schedule a consultation to discuss all of your results, how to best implement the program and also recommend what other naturopathic treatments you may need. We aim to offer you a complete picture of your individual requirements and a path to better health. You will have a solid foundation for the development of a personalized treatment program just for you.

This test is available to people of all ages, including babies, and also to animals; and you DO NOT need to have a consultation in clinic. You can simply download the Hair Test Application, complete page 1, and return it with your hair sample to Advanced Natural Health 4/2 Finucane Rd Capalaba 4157

How To Send Your Hair Sample

Selecting A Hair Sample

Our laboratory can test any hair sample so if the hair on your head is too short then select body hair. There is no need to wash your hair and hair dye does not influence the test results.

Cutting The Hair Sample

Using a pair of scissors, cut off 4-5 hairs if longer than an inch and 8-10 hairs if shorter than an inch.  Cut as closely to the scalp as possible.    

Place The Hair In A Small Seal-able Bag

Place your hair sample in a small sealable bag and label with your FIRST and LAST NAME.

Make sure the correct postage has been paid for the envelope. Send the samples to our lab. Your results will be e-mailed in 14-28 days upon receipt.

What does your Hair Test include?

A 24 Week Progress Reporter

This report allows you to monitor your progress while you are following the Bio-Compatibility Programme.

We Find Foods you CAN eat

The program is NOT merely about avoiding foods/products that cause a reaction, but about only INCLUDING in the diet those foods that ARE compatible. We provide you with a unique list of biocompatible foods that will restore the body’s ability to repair itself.

30 min Health Consultation

You don’t just get an email of a diet that will change your life, you also get a Consultation on how to implement it into your life. We will motivate you to make the changes you need for better health NOW!

Use it with ANY diet

The Bio-Compatibility System compliments and integrates easily with your existing therapies while offering a unique insight into your individual health requirements.


You will kick yourself you didn’t do this sooner! It is all in black and red. No more guessing.

The opportunity to continue your health journey with us

It doesn’t need to stop there (but it can, as you now have the answers). You can continue to work with us, getting results, shaping your body from the inside to the out.

The Technology Behind Bio-Compatibility Testing

This test is based on the way in which the foods and products we use affect the flow of energy through the body. If the energy systems within the body are compromised in any way by a food/product that is biologically incompatible, the cells cannot function optimally. This may lead to an immune response, inflammation, and ultimately reactive symptoms.

Once this inflammation accumulates in a certain area, it is given a name.

  • In the joints, it can lead to or aggravate arthritic pains.
  • In the respiratory tract, it can cause symptoms of aggravated sinus, asthma and excess mucus.
  • In the nervous system, it can cause or aggravate headaches, migraine, depression, tiredness and add to ADHD.
  • In the skin, it can cause or aggravate rashes, eczema, psoriasis and hives.
1. What does the test involve?

A small hair or saliva sample is taken from the patient and sent, with the symptoms checklist, to our testing centre for analysing against 600 items. An individual report is generated that shows the foods/products that are bio-incompatible with the patient (resulting in discomfort and disease) and those that are biocompatible (promoting health and wellbeing).

2. What will be tested?

Our standard test list consists of over 600 LOCAL foods and household products (we can test in most countries, having many clients in Europe, New Zealand and America) — including all food groups, and bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products.
This includes common local brands (specific to each country in which the test is conducted) found in supermarkets and health food stores. The test covers both raw and cooked food — each item is tested in the way it is usually consumed. We also have two more speciality lists — one for testing babies (we have had a lot of success helping mums and babies with troublesome rashes etc) and another for pets

 Click here to view list Standard List (1)-ilovepdf-compressed

3. Is it safe?

The test is completely non-invasive and painless. It involves only the collection of a hair (from any part of the body) or a saliva sample — no needles or blood samples — and has no harmful side effects. It does not matter if your hair is coloured, grey or dirty!.

4. How are the results presented?

A comprehensive 17-page report is generated after each test and emailed to you straight away, normally within 7 days. We strongly suggest you make your included 30min hair test consultation as soon as possible as we want you to get the best results possible.
Note: The hair test can just be a stand alone procedure. You will get great results following the test. As per everything in life though, having a professional coach will get you outstanding results. We do offer a six-month program (including six to twelve follow-up consultations) depending on your needs, this can be discussed with us at any time. The results, however, are so profound, and the program so easy to stick to, that our clients have a very high level of compliance.

5. What will the results indicate?

The report lists those foods and products which the individual CAN eat and those which he/she should AVOID.
The basis for the programme is simple — feed the body correctly with biocompatible foods and the immune system is freed up to deal with any problems more effectively. This means each symptom is dealt with in a way that works best for your patient’s body.
Note: This is NOT a generic program: each person is unique and will have a different set of responses, which will result in a different set of symptoms and a different programme to follow.

6. The test is expensive!

Let’s compare tests

Doctors have access to IGE testing which is allergy testing that will generally pick up dust and grass concerns.

As Naturopaths, we have access to IGG testing done through the blood which is 93 items at $387

Our Biocompatibility Hair Test is 600 items priced at $315

Every Naturopathic patient at Advanced Natural Health and other leading clinics across Australia starts with the hair test. We are all about getting great results fast

7. Why does coffee comes up RED?

Well, wouldn’t you love to know if something you have every day is driving your ill health? This is a 6-month elimination program. You will need to commit to removing all of the RED items for 6 months. We can then retest at this point to see what items you have healed from and can then add back into your diet. Remember this is about what you can have. A massive list of foods that are safe for you, to bring your body alive!

8. How much hair do you take?

Only half a matchstick length and width, not noticeable at all!

9. What things come up the most?

We see a lot of Pineapple, Strawberries, Chicken, White Bread, Onion, White Wine, Cola, Milk, Egg come up in RED on many test results. The great thing about this test is that we will give you many alternatives and figure out a meal plan when you have your 30 minute consultation with us. Holding your hand through the process is included!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Book Your Free Consultation Today & Start Living Healthier!

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